High Style Kicks from Amsterdam-based Fashion House Viktor & Rolf

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Orange Viktor & Rolf shoes
Viktor & Rolf Monsieur Low Top Metallic Trainers – These orange Viktor & Rolf shoes catch the light and the eye.

Viktor & Rolf join their wild minds to create some of the most avant-garde high fashion creations. Delving into very trippy realms where few designers dare to stomp , the duo dream up bold modern creations, twisting the great time-tested styles with an imaginative departure. In their men’s line, Viktor & Rolf Monsieur, you see a clear vision of classic menswear with a dash of wit. And Viktor & Rolf Monsieur men’s shoes of course are no different.

These metallic orange Viktor & Rolf Monsieur Low Top Metallic Trainers are liquid fire. Maybe they bring to mind the gold sunflower paintings Van Gogh? Viktor & Rolf are based in Amsterdam after all, where the sunflowers call home. Maybe a gold bar? The dark orange of a basketball? Hermes leather?

Check out more images of these high style low tops below. Then head on over to their page on Zappos.com for the latest prices or to browse more top-end Viktor & Rolf shoes in the Monsieur collection.

Viktor & Rolf orange sneakers
Bird’s eye view of these one-of-a-kind Viktor & Rolf orange sneakers


Viktor & Rolf shoes for men
A shining example of Viktor & Rolf shoes for men in their styling Monsieur line


Viktor & Rolf sneakers - Monsieur
Capturing every angle – another view of the low-top orange and metallic Viktor & Rolf sneakers from their Monsieur line


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  1. Simbo

    I’m not a bully. But I would beat someone up for these shoes.


  2. Dru Tru

    Gonna have to save up for these.


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