Chuck Taylors: Ode to a Classic

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Chuck Taylor All Stars
Chucks. All Stars. Chuck Taylors. The Converse classic.


The best-selling basketball shoe in history. And for good reason.

These sneakers are timeless. There is something vintage about them. But they’re always in style.

Converse created its famous All Stars shoes in the 1910s. Basketball player Chuck Taylor started wearing them in 1917. Over the next several years he advised some performance tweaks to the design and they officially took up his name, becoming Chuck Taylor All Stars in 1923.

Chucks come in dozens of colors, materials and styles. The most quintessential style is the instantly recognizable Hi-Top. The Ox, their classic low-top sneaker, is another top seller. Go laceless with the All Star Slips. Canvas or leather. Solid, metallic, striped, print. The choices are endless. Every self-respecting man has at least a couple of these in his sneaker wardrobe. Want to find the best style for you? Head to the Chuck Taylor collection at this link to see the latest designs and pick out your pair.

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(Photo: Myrone Delacruz)


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