High Tech Heels – adizero F50 powered by miCoach


adizero F50 miCoach
adidas unveils the new adizero F50 powered by miCoach


Jaws, hit the floor.

The adizero F50 powered by miCoach soccer shoes are cyber-fly. The miCoach SPEED_CELL™ hides in the sole of the shoes recording 360° movement and measuring key performance metrics including:

  • speed
  • average speed (recorded every second)
  • maximum speed (recorded every five seconds)
  • number of sprints
  • distance
  • distance at high intensity levels
  • steps
  • stride rates

The cell captures digital data for up to seven hours of practice or game play. Plug it into a Mac or PC and download your performance and find out when you’re at the top of your game, what you need to improve, and..hey…bragging rights.

These high tech wonders are the ultimate digital training tool.

adidas adizero F50 micoach
adizero F50 miCoach - soccer goes cyber


adidas miCoach
Seven hours of performance data - the adidas miCoach SPEED CELL


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