Nike Terminator High Basic

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Nike Terminator High Basic
Nike Terminator High Basic - in black and green


Kick it like the 80s – the glory days of sneaker fashion. Sure, today’s contemporary designs can blow your mind. The engineering has moved into the realm of rocket science. Big name designers from Yohji Yamamoto to the late great Alexander McQueen have slapped their label (and creativity) into sneaker couture. But I love a classic just as much.

Sneakers of the 50s and 60s often have a preppy, sartorial vibe. The 80s carry the banner of urban street fashion. Alongside 80s babies like the Nike Dunks are the slamming Nike Terminators.

Love the colorway here. It’s about 20 bucks off retail price on Jimmy Jazz right now and stock was way limited when I checked in. Rush over to see if they still have any or go ahead and click anyway to see what other specials pop up. They’ve usually got a thousand or so men’s sneaker models on hand, with an emphasis on urban styles – and a lot of slashed prices to boot.

Get it while you can. Click here: TERMINATOR HIGH BASIC

Nike Terminator High Tops
Nike Terminator High Basic - logo blazing


Nike Terminator green sole
Nike Terminator High Basic - sole from the black and green colorway


NIke Terminator green black
Nike Terminator - I'll be back


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