Paul Smith Lamodi – White Karma Sneakers

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Paul Smith white sneakers
Paul Smith Lamodi sneakers - white with a Paul Smith twist


Classic. With a little colorful flair. Paul Smith is known above all else for his stripes. In this hot armor here, Paul Smith adds a touch of the quintessential stripes, just enough to showcase the signature and add a bit of edge, without overpowering the overall sleek look.

They call the color here :”White Karma”. But who cares what they call it? They look hot by any name.

Get your pair of Paul Smith Lamodi sneakers here:
Paul Smith – Lamodi (White Karma) – Footwear

Paul Smith Lamodi
Paul Smith Lamodi sneaker - side view


Paul Smith sneakers
Paul Smith Lamodi sneaker - bird's eye


Paul Smith sneaker
Paul Smith sneaker - heel


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