Paul Smith Blue Loomis

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Paul Smith Loomis
Navy blue Paul Smith Loomis sneakers


How much chukka could a wood chuck chukka if a wood chuck could chukka wood?

Wow, what was that all about? I must have just been drunk on the design of these sleek navy blue Paul Smith Loomis sneakers. It’s a smart hybrid between a sneaker and a chukka, steering clearly into the sophisticated side of casual. Clean design. A luxe look and feel. Padded insole so you feel as good as you look.

Pick up a pair here:
Paul Smith – Loomis (Navy) – Footwear


Blue Paul Smith Sneakers
Paul Smith Loomis - part sneaker, part chukka


Paul Smith Loomis Sneakers
Navy blue Paul Smith Loomis - side view


Blue Paul Smith Shoes
Paul Smith Loomis - sole


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