Silver Surfer – Jil Sander Sneakers

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Jil Sander Sneakers Silver
Jil Sander minimalist silver sneakers

I love a silver sneaker. Some people are addicted to heroine. Some to chocolate. Some to other naughty pursuits. My vice is the silver sneaker. I buy them up like candy. And I’ll tell you – I get more compliments on my silver sneakers than any other items of clothes I own.

I am in total lust with these minimalist style Jil Sander high tops. The little exposed rope detailing along the sole is a nice touch, but it’s the huge silver panels that grab me in. Plus, I love how simplistic the design is – strong, classic, and masculine. It’s almost got the look of a boxing shoe.

Jil Sander High Tops Silver Sneakers
Jil Sander silver high tops with deconstructed, exposed-rope midsole has them (and at very minimalist price too considering how much these normally go for). Click on the red link to check them out:
Jil Sander – JI16513 (Crusca) – Footwear

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