Adidas Y-3 Laver High

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Adidas Y-3 Laver High
Adidas Y-3 Laver High – Adidas street style + Yohji Yamamoto high design edge

We’re excited to feature another shoe from one of our favorite brands, Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto. The Adidas Y-3 Laver High boasts hard, edgy design in a very wearable high-end look.

Yamamoto masters the art of merging maximalism and minimalism at the same time. As you admire the shoes, you notice they’re packed with intriguing details. The mesh stands out as an obvious one; we love the way it layers with solids and plays with optics in black and white. On the more subtle side – notice the the columns of three dots for the Y-3 brand and its nod the to Adidas’s famous three stripes. There’s also a Y stitched into the black band near the tongue closure.

The thin laces are a nice touch too. In contrast to a typical sneaker, the laces on the Adidas Y-3 Laver high bring to mind the thinness you’d find in the laces of a dressier shoe – fitting for such an upscale brand and high-end designer.

Adidas Y-3 Laver High
The Adidas Y-3 Laver High packs maximalism and minimalism into a single masterful design.
adidas y-3 laver
Funky soles. Yamamato continues his creative detailing from top to bottom on the Adidas Y-3 Laver.


Face it head on, and back it up. Opposing views of the Adidas Y3 Laver High.

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