Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri High Tops – Silver

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Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri High Tops
Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri high tops – silver and white colorway

We’ve featured Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri high tops on Sneakoholic before several times. They’re one of our favorite shoes in the Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto line.

Yamamoto is the master of the avant-garde, and to be frank, some of the Y-3 sneaker designs belong more on a gallery pedestal than decking out your feet. The Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri is very wearable. It’s edgy and surreal but the basic shape is still from the Planet Earth. The texture on these silver Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri kicks is out of this world though. They’re packing a lot of intrigue.

This season Yamamoto has also released an all black Kazuhiri. Check out both colorways here. More images and details after the click. (As well as the chance to buy your own.)

Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri - black
Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri – black colorway



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