Alexander McQueen Cufflinks

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Sneakers are not our only addiction. Don’t think we’ve mentioned it on the site before, but we’re mad about cufflinks. Alexander McQueen puts out some very styling options.

Like shoes, cufflinks are one of those areas where men are permitted to display their wild side. Let your personality shine through with the perfect wrist gear.

The Alexander McQueen horn cufflinks present a sleek edge to your look. They’re showy but still perfectly acceptable at the boardroom.

The Alexander McQueen skull cufflink options are standouts too. Choose from the gold skull cufflinks, silver skull cufflinks, skull on tiger’s eye cufflinks, or the the skull/knot cufflinks. Click on any of the images below for more details and prices and the opportunity to grab a pair for yourself.

Alexander McQueen horn cufflinks Alexander McQueen Skull Cufflinks - gold Alexander McQueen skull cufflinks - silver Alexander McQueen skull cufflinks - stone Alexander McQueen gold skull cufflinks


These tend to have very limited availability. Click here to see what Alexander McQueen cufflink designs are currently on offer at Zappos.

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