Sneaker Shopping – Invest In Your Feet

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sneaker shopping

Have you ever stared at that hot pair of flashy Prada sneakers, your heart and soul saying “Yes, yes, yes!” but a nagging voice in the back of your head complaining, “But $390?”

Don’t confuse the yes-voice for a little devil on your shoulder. His kicks are just so bright they’re stealing attention from his halo. My personal advice when it comes to men’s sneaker shopping is: Invest in Your Feet.

Your shoes get a lot of mileage. How often are you going to wear a shirt you buy? Once or twice a month? Maybe once a week max. A lot of men will wear the same pair of sneakers every single day. Even if you alternate your shoes, which by the way will make them last a lot longer,  you’re still going to be sporting them more than you will many other items of clothing.

Why Sneakers are a Great Investment

Concentrate your budget on shoes and accessories. I don’t hesitate to drop a hard-earned wad of cash on a pair of shoes, a belt, a watch.

A high-pricetag shirt I might have to think about and really weigh the price hard. Sneakers that will look great on me? Ring me up. I know it’s a smart buy.

True, one of the best reasons to invest in a nice pair of sneakers is that you can wear them all the time and get lots of bang for your buck. But even beyond that, shoes can be the star of a man’s outfit.

Some men are brave enough to go head-to-toe flashy. In that case, the stylish sneakers will complete the outfit. They’re practically a necessity. For men’s fashion in general though, we’re a lot more restrained than women. Men look good in basics. What man doesn’t look great in a pair of jeans or well-fitting pants and a simple, classic t-shirt?

Women can pull off an outfit in a rainbow of colors. It takes a special man to rock that color scheme. We’ve got to express ourselves in the finishing touches. In a suit, this might be the cufflinks. In a casual outfit, sneakers stand out as the best choice.

I practice what I preach. On any given day I might head out on the town in a $7 t-shirt and a $470 pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve got six different pairs of silver sneakers. And sure the big-money sneakers are the minority. Some of my shoes cost me $60. Some of them cost me $600. In total, my sneakers and shoes add up to the largest share of my wardrobe budget, but when you get down to the bottom of it, I know that it’s money well spent.

Your shirt might go out of style. But a good pair of shoes are forever. (And even if you know that orange pair of Nike Dunks is going to have a shelf-life of six months in your outfit rotation, what a good six months it will be.)

When sneaker shopping, the rule of the game is Invest in Your Feet.



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