Air Jordan 1: A Fairy Tale

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Air Jordan 1: a storied shoe
Air Jordan 1: a storied shoe

Once upon a time there was a Bull. His name was Michael, and he needed a very, very special shoe.

So he called up an elf named Peter, and the elf used all his magic arts to whip up the  special, one-of-a-kind new shoe. It was red and black, and it was Michael’s very own enchanted shoe.

But then the Evil Overlord inscribed a law that said this special magic shoe was banished from his realm. The Evil Overlord didn’t like that the shoe had Michael’s special colors.

Michael didn’t care.

So he paid the gold that was the fine for wearing his magic shoes. And everyone loved them so much that the Elves started crafting them in all kinds of colors. Years later people still remembered some of the old shoes – so the Elves even recreated them in the old colors.

All was good in the Kingdom. And people kicked their Jordans happily every after.


Want to see more of the magic shoes? Click on any of the images in the gallery below.




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