Marc Jacobs High Tops – Style in Full Bloom

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Blue Marc Jacobs high top sneakers detail
Close-up floral detail on the blue Marc Jacobs high tops shown in full below.

Streetwear is a garden lately. Floral motifs have been seen on more and sneakers, and these luxe leather Marc Jacobs high tops rock the botanical fashion in eye-catching style. The pattern looks almost like Chinese silk.

Made in Italy. As most high-end leather shoes are. But these are no black or brown suit anchors. Marc Jacobs kicks things up into the wild with a striking choice of blue leather. You’ll find the Marc Jacobs branding in a fabric panel on the tongue.

Blue Marc Jacobs high tops
Blue Marc Jacobs high tops in floral embossed leather
Marc Jacobs high tops
See these Marc Jacob high tops from all angles. Like a delicate Chinese vase wrapped in sky blue.

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