Blue Suede High Tops – Onitsuka Tiger

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Onitsuka Tiger high tops - blue suede
Grrrrr. Onitsuka Tiger blue suede shoes.


Half the fun in wearing these shoes comes from the simple fact that that you’re wearing “blue suede shoes.” Use the infamous line with pleasure.

The other half the fun comes through the stunning design. Japan has made a name for itself in the design world. These hot high-tops are no exception. They’re Onituska Tiger by Asics FABRE BL-L-OG sneakers. FABRE stands for “fast break.” I can’t even begin to guess what the wacky BL-L-OG acronym is all about. I just call them fly.

Soft suede at a very affordable price. You can find them on Zappos:
Onitsuka Tiger by Asics – Fabre BL-L OG (Snorkel Blue/White) – Footwear

Black suede also available.

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