Metallic Blue adidas Y-3 Korey

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adidas Y3 Korey metallic blue
adidas Y3 Korey metallic blue futuristic kicks by Yohji Yamamoto

The adidas Y-3 Korey with their metallic teal blue leather uppers, wingtip toe detail, and tubular sole look like they could be straight out of the future.  Imagine strolling into a moon club or hitting the mean streets of Mars in these wild guys.

Yohji Yamamoto said the concept of his Fall-Winter 2013 collection was “walking back into the future.” We’re not sure what that means either, but sometimes there’s no point in deciphering Yohji Yamamoto’s avant-garde madness — just enjoy the ride.

Browse through more pics of the metallic blue adidas Y-3 Korey below. Get your own via the blue button at the bottom of the page. Or click here to explore more adidas Y-3 shoes and clothes.

metallic blue adidas Y-3 Korey
Metallic blue adidas Y-3 Korey – looking down from outer space
adidas Y-3 Korey sole
The adidas Y-3 Korey sole. The tubular white sole adds almost an inch of height, so soar a little higher in these.
Y-3 Korey
Y-3 branding on the back of the adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto Korey sneakers
adidas Y-3 Korey wingtip
Have a look at the adidas Y-3 Korey wingtip toe – a traditional element on a very progressive shoe.


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