adidas Y-3 Sala

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adidas Y3 Sala gunmetal
adidas Y3 Sala in gunmetal

The adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamato sneakers are as wild as ever in the Fall Winter 2013 collection. The adidas Y-3 Sala is totally modern, stylish and forward thinking yet still one of the least bizarre of the bunch… in case you really can’t deal with having an art gallery on your feet. We still love them though.

While, if you know us well, you can guess that we’re head over stylish heels for the gunmetal silver colorway, the adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto Sala does come in 3 color options:

- Gunmetal

- Black

- White

See images of all 3 below or click here to peruse more adidas Y-3 kicks.

Gunmetal silver adidas Y-3 Sala - top view
Gunmetal silver adidas Y-3 Sala – top view
adidas Y-3 Sala
As can be found in much of the adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto line, the adidas Y-3 Sala sports some funky soles.
adidas Y-3 Sala black
adidas Y-3 Sale black colorway
adidas Y-3 Sala white
adidas Y-3 Sala white colorway


CLICK HERE to see more pics and check prices for the adidas Y-3 Sala!



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