Shaqnosis Barracks

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Shaqnosis Barracks shoes
Shaqnosis Barracks – shoes for the urban warrior

The Shaqnosis Barracks have dropped. The cargo green/khaki/black colorway pays tribute to Shaq’s early years as an army brat growing up on base.

Just released today, the handsome Shaqnosis Barracks are perfect for the urban warrior. They move away from some of the more flamboyant colorways like the “Shaqnosis Heat” and opt for a simple monochrome cargo green. Another nod to military style – the Shaqnosis Barracks feature a camo collar lining.

Get this retro sneaker in its Barracks colorway, classic black and white “zebra”, and more online at the Official Reebok Store.

Army green Shaqnosis
Army green Shaqnosis Barrack – side view
Shaqnosis Barracks photo
Shaqnosis Barracks – backing it up

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