Hank Reveals the Ending of Breaking Bad!

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Probably the best show on TV right now, Breaking Bad is as addictive as the “Blue” product Heisenberg is so famous for making. So of course everybody is tweaking over what the ending might be. (I said “tweaking”, not “twerking.” We’re not talking about what Miley was doing over Thick Rob’s stripes.)

Tweak no longer. Dean Norris (Hank on Breaking Bad) has gone full spoiler and revealed all the details of the series’ grand finale. You would have NEVER expected this to happen, and you won’t even believe how good it is.

Dean Norris Spoils Breaking Bad from Dean Norris


  1. Deezies

    It was the minerals.


  2. Spider Webb

    LMAO. Hank is a hero. Please let this be the real ending.


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