Limited Edition Puma Oslo MMQ

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Puma Oslo MMQ brown
Puma Oslo MMQ – brown

A limited edition of one of Puma’s lesser known beauties, the Puma Oslo MMQ.

The Puma Oslo made its debut at the 1952 Winter Games in Oslo, Norway. Purely a sports shoe for athletes, it laid in rest for another three-plus decades until Puma resurrected the Olso for a retro release in the 1980s. Now almost three decades forward, the brand bring the classic Puma sneaker back once again.

The Puma Oslo MMQ is a limited edition release in two colorways. The brown Puma Oslo MMQ features accents of navy blue, while the black Puma Oslo MMQ sports accents of dark red. Both boast smooth leather uppers with soft suede details and a gold foil “PUMA Oslo” logo on the outer sides.

The shoe is also part of the MMQ line. You’ll find a leather “Macht’s Mit Qualität” label on the tongue. (“Macht’s Mit Qualität” being a catchy German slogan that roughly translates into the less catchy “Puma Does It With Quality” in English.)

See images of the limited edition below.

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The Puma Oslo MMQ, a limited edition
The Puma Oslo MMQ, a limited edition


Machts Mit Qualitat
“Macht’s Mit Qualitat” label on the tongue of the Puma Oslo MMQ


Brown Puma Oslo MMQ
Brown Puma Oslo MMQ
Puma Oslo MMQ black
Puma Oslo MMQ black with red accents
Black Puma Oslo MMQ
Black Puma Oslo MMQ front view
Puma Oslo MMQ black and red
Red suede accent on the back of the Puma Oslo MMQ black colorway


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