Reebok Classic Jam – Navy

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Reebok Classic Jam navy
Reebok Classic Jam – navy and yellow

Reebok Classics has been pleasing customers with its strong designs drawn from the past, and the navy Reebok Classic Jam is another slam dunk.

Reebok’s popularity skyrocketed in the 1990s and so many of the brand’s iconic designs were born during this era. In a very smart move, they’ve pulled together design features from four classic sneakers to inspire the Reebok Classic Jam. You’ll see the TPU plastic support eyelet from the Original Pump, the TPU heel counter from the Dual Pump Runner, stitch detailing that recalls the Pump Twilight, and a sole inspired by the Reverse Jam.

The uppers of the Reebok Classic Jam merge a variety of materials for both style and function. You’ll find a combo of leather, nubuck, mesh, and synthetics – in sum providing supporting, durability, breathability and comfort.

The navy blue and yellow Reebok Classic Jam shown here is our favorite colorway.
Click here to see the Reebok Classic Jam in black and red.

Navy Reebok Classic Jam, a quadruple merger of classic designs
Navy Reebok Classic Jam, a quadruple merger of classic designs
TPU eyelet Reebok Classic
The Reebok Classic Jam’s TPU eyelet – brought back from the Original Pump
TPU heel counter Reebok Classic Jam
The TPU heel counter of the Reebok Classic Jam – a throwback to the Dual Pump Runner
Sole Reebok Classic Jam
The Reebok Classic Jam’s sole takes its inspiration from the Reverse Jam
Stitch detailing Reebok Classic Jam
The overall stitch detailing of the Reebok Classic Jam pays homage to the Pump Twilight
Reebok Men's Athletic Navy Classic Jam Reebok Men’s Athletic Navy Classic Jam

Part of our Heritage Sport collection, the Classic Jam offers a dynamic mix of sport and style. The bold mix of fabrics and mid-cut design are high on style.

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