adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

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adidas Y3 Kazuhiri
adidas Y3 Kazuhiri – running white and eggplant

Y3 always gets love from me. Yohji Yamamoto brings his avant-garde Japanese artistry to the sneaker again and again, bringing new takes that are fresh, interesting, creative throughout the adidas Y3 line.

Check out another bold adidas Y3 Kazuhiri, this time in a running white and eggplant colorway. Yamamoto retains the signature striking geometry of the Y3 Kazuhiri with their large quasi-trapezoidal side panels. As with many of the adidas Y3 Kazuhiri colorways, the designer’s name graces the top of the panel in all caps. Y3 imprints itself on the tongue and heel.

Click here to see the blue adidas Y3 Kazuhiri or check out more images of running white and eggplant colorway below:

adidas Y3 Kazuhiri sneaker
Bird’s eye view of another great adidas Y3 Kazuhiri sneakers
Y3 Kazuhiri
Heel view of the Y3 Kazuhiri in running white and eggplant

At the time of writing this colorway of the adidas Y3 Kazuhiri is on sale at for $136.99 marked down from $280.00. Click here to check out the current price and availability.

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  1. Shawn

    Nice. Like the blue ones more. But nice.


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